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Scientist – Bioscience

Cyteir Therapeutics is an early stage biopharmaceutical company developing new therapeutics that target DNA repair pathways for treatment of cancer and autoimmune disorders. We are committed to the promise of a better way to treat even the most difficult diseases and are driven by our belief that all patients deserve treatments that do not compromise their quality of life.

We are seeking a Scientist to join our team and contribute to our discovery biology program. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work in a small company setting providing innovative scientific discovery and creative solutions to solve scientific challenges.

Job Summary

Reporting to the Head of Discovery Biology, the Scientist will carry out innovative, laboratory research to develop new biological assays, and to elucidate the mechanism of action for current and new target small molecule programs. You will work in a laboratory-based team setting, conducting molecular, biochemical, and cell biological research. This individual will have a strong background in the life sciences, experience in basic biological research, a demonstrated ability to work independently, and the requisite laboratory skills to execute a rigorous scientific plan in collaboration with other team members. You will be responsible for generating rational hypotheses and designing critical tests of those hypotheses; generation of rigorous, high-quality scientific data; meticulous record keeping; independent and supervised trouble-shooting; and timely generation of research reports.

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement new assays for biological activity and new biomarkers for use in vitro and in vivo
  • Optimize and execute biological assays with high quality and reproducibility
  • Support preclinical PK/PD testing
  • Carry out molecular, biochemical, and cell biological research into bioactivity and biological mechanisms related to drug action
  • Design, develop, and execute microscopy-based assays.
  • Work with other team members to achieve discovery biology goals.

Required Skills

  • Extensive laboratory skills and knowledge of research laboratory best practices
  • Skill in developing and running biological assays (experience in an industry setting is a plus)
  • Basic cell culture proficiency, including skills with lentiviral vectors and transduction, human and animal cell biology, biochemistry, assay development and/or small molecule testing/screening, and cell biology methods including fixation and microscopy
  • Molecular biology proficiency, including RNA and DNA isolation, gel electrophoresis, gel documentation, preparation of protein extracts, Western blotting, and recombinant DNA methods
  • Bioinformatic analysis of RNA and DNA sequencing data, microarray data, biostatistical analysis, gene expression and genomic profile analysis; skills with relevant software packages, databases, and programming languages (e.g. Galaxy, Matlab, TCGA, Gene Expression Omnibus, R programming, etc).
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to meet aggressive timelines
  • Excellent organizational and record keeping skills
  • Solid writing, presentation and communication skills


  • PhD (or equivalent), in the biological or pharmaceutical sciences; postdoctoral experience preferred; or
  • MS in the biological or pharmaceutical sciences with 3-5 years in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industry.
  • Background in oncology or immunology
  • Basic skills with bioinformatics and biostatistics methods and software
  • Strong track record of productivity including peer reviewed publications
  • Solid foundation of biological knowledge
  • Experience working in an integrated team environment
  • A collaborative work ethic
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with a willingness to be flexible and change directions quickly.
  • Self-motivated individual

Scientist – Bioscience