Cyteir Therapeutics


RAD51 is an important DNA repair protein with numerous cellular functions.

RAD51 promotes the repair of DNA double stranded breaks, stabilizes and protects replicating DNA. RAD51 has emerged as a very attractive target in a variety of diseases, including many cancers and autoimmune disorders.

There are three potential ways to target RAD51

  • Modulate its intracellular transport
  • Inhibit its enzymatic ATPase activity
  • Target D-loop recombination activity

Cyteir Scientific Approach - RAD51

Our Lead program is focused on RAD51 transport

Cyteir has developed a unique and safe approach to targeting the important DNA repair factor RAD51. Unlike conventional approaches to enzyme inhibition, our modulators target the intracellular transport of RAD51, altering its trafficking to and from sites of DNA damage in diseased cells, but preserving its baseline function in normal cells.

To function properly, RAD51 must be moved from site to site within a cell. In healthy cells, very little RAD51 is needed inside the nucleus. By contrast, diseased cells with excessive DNA damage require an influx of additional RAD51 from a standby reservoir in the cytoplasm. By blocking its transport from this cytoplasmic reservoir, Cyteir is able to inhibit the RAD51 influx in a way that selectively attacks diseased cells but spares healthy cells that are functioning properly.