Toward a New Generation in Humane Therapeutics

New medicines for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease, powered by the breakthrough science of genomic instability and DNA repair

Toward a New Generation in Humane Therapeutics

Cyteir Therapeutics Inc. Announces $5.5 Million Series A Financing Round and Appointment of Donald F. Corcoran as President and Chief Executive Officer

Cyteir is pleased to announced the close of a Series A financing totaling $5.5 million, with participation by Celgene Corporation and a syndicate of private investors. We are also please to announce the appointment of Donald F. Corcoran as President Don and CEO and to the Board of Directors. Mr. Corcoran brings over 30 years of experience, a history of successful leadership, in the life sciences industry.

Developing Better, Safer Medicines

Millions of people worldwide are afflicted with cancer or autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately, the drugs we have today to treat these diseases cause innumerable side effects and/or fail to prevent a relapse of the disease. Cyteir envisions a different and better approach.

Cyteir’s Roots

A spinout of renowned nonprofit biomedical research lab, The Jackson Laboratory, Cyteir Therapeutics was founded in 2012 with the objective of advancing the pioneering discoveries of Co-Founder Dr. Kevin Mills in the science of genomic instability and DNA repair. In 2014, Cyteir was honored as one of three J&J Quickfire winners, beating out 60+ other innovative startup biotechnology companies.

Tackling the Most Important Challenge in Medical Oncology

In the same way that species adapt to their changing environments, tumors adapt to conventional therapy. As a result cancers continually evolve resistance. The solution is to turn tumor evolution into tumor elimination. Attack the roots instead of the shoots. Targeting DNA Repair is the key to targeting tumor evolution. Cyteir has built a drug development engine capable of doing this, with a lead program in preclinical development and further pipeline development underway.