Cyteir Board of Directors


Racquel Bracken
Racquel BrackenVenrock
Jean George, MBA
Jean George, MBALightstone Ventures
Karen Hong, PhD
Karen Hong, PhDNovo Ventures
Markus Renschler, MD
Markus Renschler, MDPresident & Chief Executive Officer
Timothy Romberger
Timothy RombergerFounder Cyteir Therapeutics & TRC Advisory
Janwillem Naesens, MSc, MBA
Janwillem Naesens, MSc, MBADROIA
Joseph S. Zakrzewski
Joseph S. ZakrzewskiIndependent Investor & Chairman, Cyteir Therapeutics

“Not since the early PARP BRCA work have we seen as potent a synthetic lethal relationship as AID-RAD51. Cyteir’s highly respected and experienced team is leading the way in the discovery and development of groundbreaking new synthetic lethal therapies that have the potential to provide meaningful clinical benefit to patients across a spectrum of diseases.”

Racquel Bracken – Vice President at Venrock.