Senior Associate Scientist/Scientist – Biochemistry

Scientist/Research Associate – Biochemistry

Cyteir Therapeutics seeks a skilled and motivated scientist to join the Discovery Biology team to help advance the development of our small molecule oncology portfolio. This scientist will be a key contributor to our preclinical research efforts to identify novel small-molecule DNA repair inhibitors for the treatment of cancer. The ideal candidate will have expertise in use of biochemical and biophysical experiments to identify drug candidates and elucidate their mechanism of action. Candidates with a track record of significant contributions to preclinical research efforts in cancer therapeutics will be prioritized.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop, validate, and execute biochemical functional assays to identify and characterize drug candidates in our pipeline of DNA repair-modulating small molecules
  • Perform mechanism of action studies to better understand how our drug candidates interact with targets in the DNA damage repair and genomic stability pathways
  • Perform inhibitor validation experiments to prioritize hits from high throughput screens and de novo design.
  • Work collaboratively with our multi-disciplinary team of scientists to optimize candidate leads in preparation for IND application.
  • Organize and present experimental results at regular lab meetings
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of advancements in the field and new laboratory techniques and technologies
  • Maintain accurate, well-organized experimental records

Job Qualifications:

  • BA/BSc or MSc in biological sciences with more than 3 years experience or Ph.D. with post-doctoral experience
  • Expertise in protein biochemistry, in vitro functional assay development, enzymology
  • Experience with biophysical assay development (DSF, SPR, ITC) and interpretation
  • Flexible approach to drug discovery problem solving through collaboration across functions
  • Well organized and able to maintain detailed records of experimental work
  • Ability to communicate clearly and decisively in an open, timely manner
  • A sense of adventure and excitement to help build a successful company and work in a highly dynamic team environment

Scientist/Research Associate – Biochemistry

Location: Lexington, MA