Research Associate/Senior Research Associate – Cell Biology (2 positions)

Research Associate / Sr. Research Associate

Discovery Biology – Cell Biology

Cyteir Therapeutics seeks a skilled and motivated research associate to join the Discovery Biology team to help advance the development of our small molecule oncology portfolio. This Research Associate will be a key contributor to our preclinical research efforts to identify novel small-molecule DNA repair inhibitors for the treatment of cancer. The ideal candidate will have expertise in cancer biology, cell and molecular biology techniques, and mammalian tissue culture, with a track record of significant contributions to preclinical research efforts.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Develop, validate, and execute cell-based assays to identify and characterize drug candidates in our pipeline of DNA repair-modulating small molecules
  • Perform mechanism of action studies to better understand how our drug candidates are affecting DNA damage repair pathways and genomic stability
  • Perform target validation experiments to help identify new targets, cancer indications, and context dependencies to advance the preclinical development of our programs
  • Work collaboratively with our multi-disciplinary team of scientists
  • Organize and present experimental results at regular lab meetings
  • Maintain mammalian cell lines in tissue culture
  • Generate stable cell lines via CRISPR knock-out/knock-in technologies
  • Maintain up to date knowledge of advancements in the field and new laboratory techniques and technologies
  • Maintain accurate, well-organized experimental records

Job Qualifications:

  • BA/BSc or MSc in biological sciences and minimum of 3 years of relevant hands-on experience
  • Expertise with aseptic techniques and mammalian tissue culture required
  • Experience with cell and molecular biology methods required (proliferation assays, nucleic acid isolation, PCR, immunoblotting, immunofluorescence, ELISA, CRISPR, RNAi, etc.)
  • Experience with HTS, image analysis, and automation would be an asset
  • Well organized and able to maintain detailed records of experimental work
  • Ability to communicate clearly and decisively in an open, timely manner
  • A sense of adventure and excitement to help build a successful company and work in a highly dynamic team environment

Research Associate/Senior Research Associate – Cell Biology (2 positions)

Location: Lexington, MA.