Cyteir Therapeutics
Technology Platform


A novel screening platform for synthetic lethal drug discovery.

Cyteir developed a unique screening system, designed to rapidly identify novel DNA repair modulators that function via synthetic lethality to target diseased tissues with specific gain-of-function abnormalities. This screening system utilizes primary cells derived from tissues of interest instead of more traditional cell lines. We then engineer genetic constraints into the cells that enhance the power to detect hits on the desired pathway. The power of this platform is the robust ability to customize it for any tissue or disease of interest, to rapidly sort out the “true hits” from the false positives and negatives, and to dramatically reduce the failure rate at later stages due to “poor hits” from a physiologically irrelevant screen. This screening system is highly “tunable” and can be readily adapted to a wide range of diseases include many types of cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Cyteir Scientific Approach - Technology Platform