Cyteir Therapeutics

Alfredo Castro, PhD

Senior Advisor, Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Dr. Castro is an experienced industry veteran, with more than 20 years in drug discovery and medicinal chemistry with extensive experience in oncology.  Dr. Castro is the former VP for Medicinal and Process Chemistry at Infinity Pharmaceuticals.  Prior to joining Infinity, he held positions at Biogen, ProScript, and Millennium Pharmaceuticals, was the Director of Chemistry at MDS Proteomics, and the Associate Director of Chemistry at Syntonix Pharmaceuticals.  Dr. Castro has contributed to the discovery and/or development of nine (9) clinical candidates including a hedgehog pathway antagonist currently in clinical trials for basal cell carcinoma, a PI3K-δ/γ inhibitor currently in clinical trials for lymphoid cancers, and a selective PI3K-γ inhibitor in clinical trials as an immuno-oncology agent.