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Innovators in DNA repair


Innovators in Synthetic Lethality:

DNA damage and genomic instability are hallmarks of cancer and autoimmune diseases. This makes the disease-causing cells highly sensitive to drugs that target specific DNA repair factors. This is termed synthetic lethality.

There are two types of synthetic lethality – The first is synthetic lethality caused by a new genetic activity that does not exist in normal cells; for example, the activation of an oncogene. This is called gain-of-function synthetic lethality. The second is synthetic lethality with mutations that result in the loss of a normal genetic function; for example, mutations that inactivate a tumor suppressor gene. This is called loss-of-function synthetic lethality.

To date, the only synthetic lethal therapies in the clinic are the loss-of-function type. Cyteir Therapeutics is developing the next generation of synthetic lethal therapies targeting both gain-of-function and loss-of-function types. Our current lead program targets RAD51 to induce synthetic lethality in diseases with a gain-of-function in the gene AID (also called AIDCA).

Targeting DNA repair mechanisms is the key to synthetic lethal therapies

  • Cancer and autoimmune cells have imbalances in DNA repair caused by genetic gains and losses
  • Imbalances in DNA repair cause rapid mutation and genomic instability
  • Targeting specific repair factors induces DNA damage overload specifically in diseased cells
  • Our synthetic lethal therapies hold promise for improved precision, fewer side effects, and better durability of response

Cyteir is an innovator in synthetic lethality

  • Cyteir’s scientists are leading the development of new gain-of-function synthetic lethal therapies
  • Developed a genetically constrained primary cell platform for synthetic lethal drug discovery
  • Cyteir’s scientists discovered the AID-RAD51 synthetic lethal pair in both cancer and autoimmunity
  • We are leaders in the development of RAD51 modulators for treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases
  • Developing new biomarkers of synthetic lethality, including AID

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