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Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist Bioscience

Job description:

Cyteir Therapeutics is seeking a highly motivated and talented Scientist to join the Discovery Biology team. The Scientist will work in a team environment, conducting laboratory research, to investigate molecular and cellular mechanisms of small molecule activity; use molecular genetics techniques to elucidate biological pathways relevant to Cyteir’s drug discovery programs; conceive and execute experiments to test hypotheses related to drug activity in vitro or in vivo; and perform biochemical analyses of small molecules and their cellular targets. This individual will have a strong background in the life sciences, experience in basic biological research, a demonstrated ability to work independently, and the requisite laboratory skills to execute a rigorous scientific plan in collaboration with other team members. The Scientist will be responsible for generating testable hypotheses and designing critical laboratory tests; generation of rigorous, high-quality scientific data; meticulous record keeping; independent and supervised trouble-shooting; and timely generation of research reports.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Conduct laboratory research using cellular, genetic, and biochemical methods to test mechanisms of action for Cyteir’s pipeline compounds
  • Investigate mechanisms of sensitivity or resistance to Cyteir compounds in cell lines and other oncology models
  • To develop new laboratory assays to measure DNA damage, DNA repair, genomic instability or other cellular phenotypes relevant to DDR inhibitors
  • To test hypothesis related to potential diagnostic or predictive biomarkers
  • Collaborate across R&D functions to support Cyteir preclinical and clinical programs by generating high quality laboratory data
  • Participate in both internal and external collaborative research efforts
  • To meet aggressive timelines while ensuring the highest quality of scientific rigor and data
  • To effectively and independently trouble shoot laboratory procedures, anticipate and solve scientific problems, and meet scientific objectives
  • Work closely with and supervise one or more laboratory technicians
  • To maintain meticulous notes and scientific records
  • To present data at internal and external meetings, participate in preparation of reports, abstracts, publications, and presentations


  • PhD (or equivalent advanced degree) with a minimum of 2 years of industry experience in drug development, with a background in oncology or immune oncology research. Title/level will be commensurate with experience
  • Knowledge of, and hands-on experience with modern molecular biology techniques and methods, including basic cell culture, molecular cloning, immunofluorescent and bright field microscopy, bacterial culture techniques, protein and nucleic acid isolation and analysis
  • Background in DNA repair or DNA damage response is plus
  • Demonstrated creativity and novel approaches to problem solving
  • History of scientific productivity as evidenced by publication history, patent inventorship, contribution to successful drug development programs, and/or peer recognition
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills, and interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with both internal and external teams

Senior Scientist/Principal Scientist Bioscience

Location: Lexington MA